DIY Vanilla Coffee Syrup

Alternate title: Coffee to die for 🤩 It truly makes my mornings brighter and happier when I use this syrup and knowing I made it myself makes me feel like I have superpowers even though it’s super easy. So take that Starbucks —- I don’t need you! (but also don’t hold this against me, I’ll […]

3 Beliefs Holding You Back

3 lies that you might be believing right now and how they’re holding you back from making progress with your picky eater. Click here to get 15% off your PaleoValley order! Loving the podcast but looking for more? Head over to my Instagram account @nutrition.for.littles where I drop almost daily content helping you change the mealtime environment in […]

2022 Gift Guide

How is Christmas almost here? I had plans to have alllll my Christmas shopping done before baby # 3 made their appearance and since I am within a week of my due date I can confidently say that probably won’t happen… but what I won’t let happen is not to get these gift guides to […]

Picky eating troubles? Mash it up!

Most little ones LOVE mashed potatoes. If yours does, good news! You can bridge your little one’s love of mashed potatoes to loving broccoli! Try mashing it up! Add steamed broccoli to your potatoes before you mash them to create a creamy, smooth, yummy side dish for any meal. Picky eater tip: Start with only […]