Food allergies have more than doubled in prevalence in the past few years and it can be so scary for parents! I know as a mom (to almost three) my goal is to try and do everything I can to help stop a food allergy before it starts.

Although food allergies and if they develop are certainly not always in our control, there are some things we can do to hedge our bets so to speak.

Did you know not long ago the recommendations for parents were to avoid ALL high risk foods for the first year of life? Parents were told these foods should’t be introduced at all in order to best protect our kids from developing food allergies.

And then, food allergies only grew. I’m so grateful for continued research that has proven that strategy to be inaccurate. Now, the research shows early and often introduction to top allergens is the best defense.

As a mom, I know how stressful it can be with the day to day tasks of taking care of a baby, toddler or small child and adding one more thing to the list is not my idea of stress relief.

So, although, early and often exposure to food allergen foods is important it’s also hard to keep track of and sometimes with meal planning and trying to feed an entire family it feels near impossible to rotate all the top allergen foods in our weekly meal plans.

This is why I’m glad I’ve found SpoonfulONE products. They are convenient packaged snacks like puffs and crackers that include gentle exposure to 16 of the top food allergens.

These are great products to offer regularly to make sure all the bases are being hit! I like how they’re clearly formulated and made with busy moms like me in mind. Not only can they replace foods that your little one is already eating like crackers or puffs, depending on age, but they come in on the go packaging that are easy to grab on the go.

I also love their mix-in product that still contains the top 16 food allergens for easy additions to any foods like oatmeal or mashed potato without changing the flavor.

Even as a registered dietitian I know some allergens are easily missed or skipped or just offered too infrequently for my comfort. I know SpoonfulONE can help fill in those gaps without adding more to my plate.

If you’re curious about the research they’ve done on this topic and how they formulate their products to help your family make sure to checkout their “research” tab on their website

If you’re ready to grab the SpoonfulONE products that fit your family best make sure to check out Target, Walmart or their store locator to see a location near you that sells their products.