Speak Their Language: 3 Communication Missteps to Avoid with Your Picky Eater

Positive food communication is not only vital for connecting with children but also for guiding them through the often tricky journey of food exploration. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss three specific mistakes I hear parents make, mistakes that might unintentionally set children up for failure rather than success.  These mistakes aren’t just general errors; […]

DIY Vanilla Coffee Syrup

Alternate title: Coffee to die for 🤩 It truly makes my mornings brighter and happier when I use this syrup and knowing I made it myself makes me feel like I have superpowers even though it’s super easy. So take that Starbucks —- I don’t need you! (but also don’t hold this against me, I’ll […]

Sleep & Nutrition

How Your Child’s Eating Habits Are Affecting Their Sleep Your child’s nutrition and sleep habits are two huge contributing factors to their healthy development and growth. The two are inextricably linked–what they eat affects how well they sleep and their sleep quality affects their nutritional habits and preferences. I am a dietician, not a sleep […]

How Much Protein Do Kids Really Need?

And Easy Ways To Meet Their Needs, Even Without Meat! A common question among parents is whether or not their children are getting enough protein. They’re worried about how much they need and all the sources they may be getting it from. Or maybe they’re nervous their child is getting too much protein! Either way, […]

3 Weird Ways to Get Your Picky Eater To Try New Foods

Feeding Picky kids is so hard and sometimes we can get hyper-focused, stressed out, anxious, and worried. It can start to feel really serious and scary really fast when we don’t think they’re getting enough of the right things–protein, calories, etc. Sometimes that seriousness makes its way to the table with us like a dark […]

Mindset Shifts For Picky Eating

How Your Mindset May Be Affecting Your Child’s Eating Habits One day, back when my son was in daycare regularly, I’d come to pick him up and watch him a few minutes before going in. I saw him putting his toys away and climbing the stool to wash his hands, able to dispense his own […]

How To Get Your Little One To Like Meat

So many moms and dads reach out to me asking how they can get their kiddos to eat meat. Most people, especially Americans, have a meat-based diet and are concerned when their children don’t eat as much meat as they expect them to. First and foremost, remember your little one doesn’t have to eat meat […]

Praising Your Picky Eater

And Why It May Be Doing More Harm Than Good If you have a picky eater at home, you’ve likely tried everything under the sun to get them to eat their dinner. Or maybe you’re trying to prevent your child from ever becoming a picky eater! We can’t control everything our kids do and we […]