2022 Gift Guide

How is Christmas almost here? I had plans to have alllll my Christmas shopping done before baby # 3 made their appearance and since I am within a week of my due date I can confidently say that probably won’t happen… but what I won’t let happen is not to get these gift guides to […]

Getting your partner on board!

A lot of you voice to me that you struggle implementing some of the things I recommend because your partner or spouse can come in at the last minute – and it seems like – undo everything you just set up. 🤯 The reason I can paint this picture so well is because it’s happened in […]

When To Worry 😟

Often I hear mom’s say, “My child won’t eat ANYTHING.” As a practitioner when I hear this I have to assume that if they are eating absolutely nothing – no food is passing through their body – there is room to be concerned. Call your child’s pediatrician immediately! Now that that is out of the […]