What Causes Picky Eating

How to identify and reverse your child’s selective eating habits Your toddler used to eat anything you offered and now they won’t touch a thing. Meal times were peaceful and now they’re stressful. Sound familiar? You may be thinking “why now” or “what happened”.  There are dozens of reasons picky eating occurs! Some of them […]

How to Prevent Picky Eating

Tips for avoiding tabletime tantrums Not all children start out as picky eaters. Something happens along the way, usually between 2-3 years old, and suddenly they’re rejecting everything but nuggets and mac and cheese. While we can’t completely prevent picky eating, there are some things you can do to help guide your child in the […]

2022 Gift Guide

How is Christmas almost here? I had plans to have alllll my Christmas shopping done before baby # 3 made their appearance and since I am within a week of my due date I can confidently say that probably won’t happen… but what I won’t let happen is not to get these gift guides to […]