Did you know the number of food allergies have DOUBLED over the last generation?! I know as a parent food allergies can be a scary topic but it’s also important because there is so much we can do to help food allergies from developing

If you’ve heard me talk about food allergies then you’ve probably heard me talk about how imperative it is to expose our babies to potential food allergens “early and often” that’s the phrase I use because it’s what the research supports.

In fact the best chance we have against food allergies is to not only provide these foods to our children from when they start solids but also make sure we’re offering these allergenic foods often.

I don’t know about you, but when I had my first baby I felt like a maniac trying to make sure I was offering the top allergenic foods often enough. It felt like a race I couldn’t win.

It was easy to offer foods like peanuts, wheat, milk and tree nuts but the rest were more rarely found in our home which means it was more rare that our son was exposed to them.

If I knew a product like SpoonfulONE existed I would have wanted a mom friend to tell me, and so that’s the exact reason I’m telling you.

If as a registered dietitian who was dialed in on offering allergenic foods regularly couldn’t keep up, I know everyday moms that have enough on their plate already are finding it hard too.

Let me tell you how the Mix-ins work (one of my favorite SpoonfulONE products). You simply mix in 1 packet to what your child is already eating. It can easily be mixed in to foods like oatmeal, smoothies, mashed potatoes, purees, or any other relatively wet food your baby enjoys.

This little Mix-in packet (or scoop) is a great tool to keep in your back pocket to know you’ve got your bases covered. Haven’t had shrimp on the table in awhile? No problem, the m<ix-in packet has you covered.

What that means is that consistent exposure is necessary to help prevent food allergies from developing in the first place. 

You can introduce common allergens a few ways. You can start usign SpoonfulONE right out the gate. Or, you can introduce them as whole foods first. Some families like to wait a day between introducing each food. That’s fine, just don’t wait too long before moving onto the next food. Once you’ve gotten all the allergens introduced, you can move right into SpoonfulONE to help make consistent feeding of common allergens easier.

The SpoonfulONE products include 16 of the top allergens which include almond, cashew, cod, egg, hazelnut, oats, milk, peanut, pecan, pistachio, salmon, sesame, shrimp, soy, walnut and wheat.  

Like I said, it covers the bases! 

If you’d like to try the SpoonfulONE Mix-ins or any of their other products you can check your local Target or Walgreens or simply order directly online by clicking right here. You can also check their store locator to find a store near you.

I know the stress of food allergies can weigh so heavy on us, I know this can help.