Protein needs

This is one of those questions I get a lot, how much protein should my little one have? I give you ideas on what to give your little one to meet their protein needs. I also touch on are you giving them too much protein and my thoughts on protein powders. Want to try Dino […]

Gagging is good

Gagging can look scary, right? I go over what is normal and what isn’t and things you can do away from the table to help. Want my FREE picky eating guide? Click here to get instant access! Click here to enroll in Safe Beginning’s online CPR course. Use code Alyssa20 for 20% off. If you haven’t […]


I am sharing all my tips and tricks when it comes to saving money on your grocery budget! I know this is a long episode but I didn’t want to leave anything out! I reference my meal plan podcast, need to use bin podcast and organic foods podcast! Looking to change up your menu? Look […]

Packed lunch formula

I am talking about what how to pack a balanced lunch for your kids, I give you ideas on how to keep it interesting and how to add new or different things in their lunches. This episode is kind of a part 2 to my packing lunches podcast, click here to listen to that one. […]

Sleep and nutrition

Did you know that sleep and nutrition are linked? I give you my top 5 ways nutrition can impact your little ones sleep and how you can help them nutritionally so that they may be able to sleep better. I talk about iron needs in our little ones in a previous podcast, click here to […]

Table Talk Community

Did you know that I created a community for Table Talk grads? I wanted there to be a place for you to get your questions answered and a place for you to get encouraged and to encourage other parents going through picky eating as well. This episode is a sneak peek of what you will […]