Cooking with your kids with Sarah

Do you have your kids cook in the kitchen with you? I talk to Sarah from @snackswithjax and she talks about why it is important to have your kids help you in the kitchen. Want Sarah’s Make Meals Fun Kit? Click here to check it out! Looking to change up your menu? Look no further click […]

Why they eat different at daycare

There can be a multitude of reasons why your little one eats differently at daycare or school. I breakdown a few of them and give you some ideas as to why this could be happening. Want to try Dino Bars for yourself? Grab a pack by clicking here and use code Alyssa10 for 10% off. […]


Do you feel like your little one is obsessed with desserts and sugar? I give you a couple tips on how to help normalize desserts in your house! Ready to learn about my Table Talk program? Click here to learn more and enroll! In this episode I reference another one of my podcasts When to say no. […]

Body acceptance with Kristina Bruce

This week I talk to Kristina Bruce who is a body acceptance coach. She talks about her experience with postpartum and how she didn’t want to pass on the generational chain of bad body acceptance to her daughter. She gives you tips and ideas on how to start having body acceptance and how to answer […]

Feeding baby myths

I talk about 6 myths when it comes to feeding babies (I really came up with 20 but narrowed it down)! I covered the ones I get asked the most and I referenced some of my other podcasts so that I could keep this one short. The links are below if you want to go […]

Why picky eating happens

It may shock you to know that picky eating is biologically driven to keep your little one safe. I give you a few things you can do though to help your littles try new foods. These tips are very easy and you can start implementing them today! Have a picky eater at home? Join me […]

Mess is good

If you are anything like me when your little hits that age of trying solids you try to contain the mess. I want to share with you what I went through with my son during that time and how not letting him get messy had created a barrier between him and food. I do have […]

External vs Internal

I’m talking about the difference between what an external and internal reason to eat is and how it may not be helpful to be using external pressure to make our littles eat. I give some tips on how to step away from using external pressures and how to help your littles tune back in with […]


With so many highchairs on the market how do you know which one to pick? I go in depth on my journey with highchairs with my son (it was definitely a learning curve!). In this episode you will find tips and tricks on what your littles need from a highchair. Here is my amazon shop where I […]