Kids are curious by nature, it’s how they learn about this world around them… it’s also what leads to the dreaded “why” question over and over and over again ๐Ÿ™ƒ

So let’s use that to our advantage.

Find ways to get their curiosity rolling. Help get into the role of being an explorer, investigator, or detective…

Let’s start with oranges!


  • 1 orange (or a variety of oranges)
  • Magnifying glass (or use a toilet paper roll as binoculars, whatever works right?! ๐Ÿ˜œ)
  • Flashlight

Start by helping your little one use a magnifying glass to look at the outside peel of the orange.

Start by asking what do you see or notice? If they need a little help you can prompt them…”Is the peel smooth or rough? Can they see the “dimples”?ย  Does the orange have a navel or part of the stem still attached?”

Now, peel the orange.

Let your child use the magnifying glass to look at the inside of the peelย  (pith) and sections of the orange.ย 

Hold up the peel and shine a flashlight on the inside of the peel. Depending on the thickness of your particular peel, your child should see the pith that looks like veins running through the peel. If the peel is thin enough, you may see the orange color come through.

Let your child press their finger into an orange section and feel the juice burst. Use the magnifying glass to look at the inside of the orange section.
Enjoy discovering all the parts of the orange together!

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