Getting your partner on board!

A lot of you voice to me that you struggle implementing some of the things I recommend because your partner or spouse can come in at the last minute – and it seems like – undo everything you just set up. 🤯

The reason I can paint this picture so well is because it’s happened in our home!

Picture this: 📸

You are using a low pressure technique, it’s working and they are about to eat a piece of brocolli. THIS IS IT! FINALLY. Your spouse walks in and cheerfully and abruptly blurts out, “Hey kiddo! Eat your broccoli! It will make you strong!” – annnnnd, just like that your child is no longer are interested in eating it.

I have been there!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get my point across fully. A part of the reason I started a podcast and blog was to help my husband grow and learn alongside of me – and part of it was for you to be able to use it and share it as a resource. 

I have some tips for getting your partner on board:

  1. Have this conversation separate from your kids and away from the table.

2. Set some long term goals and boundaries of what kind of parenting you will have around the table (I highly recommend listening to the division of responsibility podcast episode for guidance on this – Discuss “what to do when” scenarios.

3. Role play! Practice how to respond in those moments at the table together. 

We all were raised a little bit differently around the table and often that directly impacts how we will parent around the table. Being open minded and asking what your partners priorities, intentions, and expectations are. 

Get on the same page about:

  • The Division of Responsibility. 
  • The idea that your child can be an independent eater and learn to listen to their own body.
  • A meal and snack schedule and what practically that looks like for your family.

If this was helpful for you or you want to dive in a bit deeper – head over and listen to my podcast episode on this very topic –