3 things I wish I did differently!

We learn from mistakes, right? I am about to share 3 things I wish I did differently with my kiddos and hope you can learn from them too. 👀

Firs thing is first – IF YOU ARE FEEDING your kids, you are doing it RIGHT. However, there is always room for growth, right?

Here is my list –

  • Be intentional about introducing allergens!
    • …And not just the big ones. We often introduce things like dairy & wheat and not as much intentionally with things such as selfish & soy.
    • It is worth it to be methodical & strategic in introducing the top 8 allergens. See the graphic below to refresh the top allergens:
  • Be intentional about a meal & snack schedule!
    • It is easy to feed on a demand – giving a snack whenever they cry, are fussy, etc. – but this doesn’t set them up for long term success.
    • Start a schedule as early as 6 months & firm it up over time up until 18 months of age.
    • Personally I wish with my littles that I firmed it up around 12 months of age!

  • Worry less!
    • If your child is in the “thick of it” with picky eating, don’t worry. They do come out the other side. Consistency matters and is hard, but it is worth it.
    • You can let it go and take a deep breathe. We have time and can work on this together!
      • …And a personal specific that I wish I didn’t worry so much about – don’t worry or force them to use utensils. They will! It is a learned skill over time.

That is it! Those are my top 3.

If you are interested in REALLY digging deep with me Table Talk is the place to do it. Feeding kids shouldn’t be this hard. Picky eating can take over your life, feeling like every meal is worse than the last. It’s time to reclaim your kitchen tables and actually start enjoying meals together.

Alright mama! Thanks for reading. If this was helpful be sure to share with your friends and family. If you’d like to dig deeper visit the link below to listen to the podcast episode where I share deeper on this topic –