Kids in the kitchen is a POWERFUL strategy to getting them more and more comfortable with foods. Focus on offering opportunities for your little ones to help in the kitchen.

If you are serving asparagus, let them help “cut” the asparagus. 

Did you know there is a natural way to “cut” asparagus so the fresh delicious part of the veggie is separated from the woody difficult to chew part?

All you do is bend the asparagus and let it break where it’s weakest. You can show your littles how to do this and let them give it a try. Depending on their age you might want to stay with them and do this activity together – if they’re a little older they might just need 1-2 demos and then leave them to it!

Tips for success:

  • Don’t overwhelm them, when they’re done with this activity let them be done.
  • Set them up in a comfortable place to complete this activity, either with a kitchen helper like this one or at the table with a baking sheet/bowl or towel.
  • If they want to be involved more let them wash and pat dry the cut asparagus, and season it.

Food is meant to be enjoyed with all of our senses. Helping in the kitchen is a way to engage all the other senses before we expect our little one to taste the food.

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