Responding to Comments

Today I am answering these questions, “What do you do when your little one doesn’t like the food you are serving.?” “What to do if they are only eating their safe food?” “What to do if your child is not happy with how you are handling picky eating and start doing things differently?” I mention […]

Tackling Picky Eating During the Holidays: Tips for Stress-Free Family Meals

Today, we’re diving into a topic that many parents find challenging – navigating the holiday season with picky eaters. We’ll explore practical strategies to make festive meals enjoyable for the whole family, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. I’ll share tips on managing uncomfortable comments about your child’s eating habits and how to encourage them […]

Uncomfy experiences

I go over 3 experiences/examples that I want you to put yourself in your kids shoes when it comes to eating. I want you to really see what these experiences might be like for your kids and how you can help at the table. Click here to take my free workshop to help identify why picky […]

Feeding baby hacks

My 3rd baby has started solids, these are all my best tips and tricks when it comes to feeding babies solids! Ready to try Picky Plates, click here to check it out! Have you tried Daily Harvest? I am loving their smoothies! Click here and use my code NUTRITIONFORLITTLES for 40% off! Breastfeeding Blueprint is helping moms […]

3 mistakes I HEAR

These are the 3 things I hear parents of picky eaters making, these are things they are saying to their kids that set them up for failure instead of success. Ready to try Picky Plates, click here to check it out! Breastfeeding Blueprint is helping moms navigate breastfeeding their babies! You can get $50 off […]

Meal planning and the mental load

I am talking about the mental load of grocery shopping and feeding your family. It can be a really heavy load to make all those decisions. I give you tips on how to ease this mental load. This is a big reason why I create Picky Plates, click here to check it out! Ready to […]

Capacity of parenting

Do you ever feel stuck? Like you keep struggling with the same problem over and over again and you don’t know where to go to get help. Or you may not have the capacity right now to do something about it and that’s okay too. Ready to learn about my Table Talk program? Click here to learn […]