EP 1 | Welcome to the pod

Hey hey mamas! Welcome to this brand new podcast that I created just for Hey mamas! Welcome to the very first episode of Nutrition for Littles with mama and me RD. I am your mama and me RD, Alyssa. Today‚Äôs episode is a get to know me. I chat to you about who I am, […]

Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating (IE) is a nutrition philosophy developed by two RDs, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch – they coined the term and put out a book outlining the principles. There are 10 principles in total: Reject the diet mentality Honor your hunger Make peace with food Challenge the food police Respect your fullness Discover the […]

Intuitive Eating While Pregnant

Here I am, 22 weeks pregnant with my second baby on the way. This time around is a little different than with our first. First of all, baby is a GIRL! So exciting because who doesn’t love a new challenge?! Second of all, I am MUCH further along in my intuitive eating journey during this […]